• Room L1

    One spacious bedroom with double Bed (capacity 2 pax).

  • Room L11

    Superior Family room Split level traditional style cottage with spacious bedrooms. Downstair with 3 single bed and upstair with 2 single bed. For group or Family.

  • Room L2

    One spacious bedroom with double bed and single bed (capacity 2-3 pax).

  • Room L4

    One spacious bedroom double bed, private bathroom. (Capacity 2 pax)

  • Room L3

    Split level traditional style cottage with two spacious bedrooms for groups or family (sleeps 5 pax).

  • Swimming pool

  • Room L6-L9

    Spacious bedrooms with twin beds (sleeps 2-3 pax). Room L6 - L9 are separated rooms.

  • Room L10

    Spacious bedroom with four beds (sleeps 4 pax). Country design style, private bathroom and patio.

  • Room L5

    Two bedrooms, lounge area, private balcony and private bathroom. Capacity 4 pax.


    Lampung or many people says “Southern Sumatra” has many surfing location. Some place are very well-known by International Surfer.
    This is some surfing location information:

    Karang Nyimbor (Ujung Bocor)
    This wave is an 800 meter long lefthander that wraps around the point and provides some great barrels and carving sections. It is really consistent and caters to surfers from the beginner to advanced. This wave can be ridden from 3 to 10 feet and is walking distance from the camp.

    Way Jambu (Sumatran Pipeline)
    This wave is big, heavy and radical. For the experienced surfers who want a challenge, this wave is a fast gnarly down the line barrel and is for those surfers looking to get big, heavy and epic tubes. This place can be reached in 15 minutes by motor bike

    This wave is punchy, peaky beach break that turn on when everywhere else is flat. Expect lot of peaks and the opportunity to surf without your booties. 2-6 foot and fun.

    Krui left
    This wave is a perfect short rampy tube ride. Best when the swell is massive everywhere else. Holds a flawless 2-4 ft. Really fun wave suitable for beginner to advance.

    A really solid right hander that as great barrel section and some really challenging sections for manuveres. Holds from 3-8 foot and is a really long fun ride.

    Honney Smacks
    Mainly a wave for bodyboarders, a very sucky and steep, left barrel that is quick and heavy. Holds 3-8 foot and is for the experienced surfer and bodyboarder only.

    Jimmy’s right
    A fantastic, heavy and brutal waves. Best surf on high tide when there is a lot of sweel. Book a driver or ride a motorbike for 2 hours to get there. It s a very deep barrel that holds 4-12 foot and is for the experienced surfer only. The end section is so scary it should only be surfed on high tide. Also has a left hander for the adventurous.

    Surfing Map

    *all data based on the Surf South Sumatra website.